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Tea and coffee gift sets with delivery in Slovenia

Princess Nuri mountain tea Princess Nuri mountain tea 25 teabags Add to Cart $2.49
Green jasmine tea Green jasmine tea 50 gr (25 teabags) Add to Cart $3.49
Lipton Forest Fruit tea Lipton Forest Fruit tea 20 pyramid-shaped teabags Add to Cart $4.00
Tea Brooke Bond Tea Brooke Bond 25 tagged teabags Add to Cart $4.99
Ahmad English Breakfast tea Ahmad English Breakfast tea 25 tagged teabags Add to Cart $5.99
Green Tea in bags (Greenfield) Green Tea in bags (Greenfield) 50 g (25 teabags) Add to Cart $5.99
Green Tea Ahmad Green Tea Ahmad 25 tagged teabags Add to Cart $7.00
Princess Nuri select loose leaf tea Princess Nuri select loose leaf tea 250 g Add to Cart $7.99
Elite Platinum Coffee instant Elite Platinum Coffee instant 95 gr in a glass jar Add to Cart $8.99
Ahmad Fruit Tea Ahmad Fruit Tea 100 gr Add to Cart $9.99

Tea and coffee gift sets with delivery in Slovenia and worldwide with Cyber Florist!

Sending tea and coffee set as a gift with delivery in Slovenia is very simple. Browse Cyber Florist catalog and proceed with ordering gift set with delivery online.

Our experience allows us to provide fast and high-quality delivery of tea and coffee gift sets to any city in the world.

To buy tea and coffee, select the products you need from our catalog, add them to your cart, select the date and city of delivery and indicate if we should add a message to your order and take a free delivery photo in Slovenia.

In Cyber ​​Florist catalog you will find different types of coffee, black tea and green tea from different manufacturers.

You can order tea or coffee ser, or collect a large grocery set and send to your family and include exactly those products that your recipients will like.

Delivery of tea and coffee is carried out the next day after placing and paying for the order.

You can pay for your tea and coffee order online on the Cyber-Florist website in several ways:

  • - Credit card;
  • - PayPal;

If you did not find the required coffee or tea in our catalog, you can place a Custom order and indicate a specific brand, variety and the type of tea or coffee you want to order.

Buy tea and coffee with delivery in Slovenia as a gift for family and friends with delivery to your home, work/office or hospital just even being in another city or another country. Cyber ​​Florist will help!

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